Unless Otherwise specified please provide details of income or expenditure and the amount. Where the form states attach please scan the document and attach. We will contact you if we have any further questions particularly if you have a business or any of the offsets or any other queries we may have. If you have a rental property after completing online tax return form please click here to fill in online rental property form.
Please note: If you do get the image verification incorrect and have to retype you will need to reattach any documents you have attached.

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Your Name
Postal Address
Contact Number
email address
Tax File Number
Salary & Wage Income - Please attach PAYG Summaries
Did you have any allowances, earnings, tips, directors fees etc
Did you have any lump sum or ETPs -attach
Did you have any Centrelink or Government Allowance- attach
Did you have any Australian annuities or superannuation income-attach
Did you have any personal services income - attach payg summary
Did you have any interest Income-please specify bank and amts
Did you have any dividends from Shares or Investments
Did you have any Trust or Partnership amounts
Did you have any Managed Funds-please attach
Did you have any business Income?
Did you have any Rental Property Income?
Did You have any work related Motor Vehicle Expense
What are you using your motorvehicle for
Did you have any work related travel expenses
Did you have Uniform or protective clothing expense
Did you have any work related self education expenses
Did you have any other Work related expenses?
Did you have any interest or dividend expenses?
Did you have any gift or donations?
Did you have any tax agent fees etc.
Do you have private health insurance?
Do you have a spouse?
If so please provide Name, dob, taxable income, reportable fringe benefits, centrelink income,
Do you wish to claim the spouse offset

Do you wish to claim the private health insurance rebate?
Do you pay any super contributions on behalf of your spouse

If so, specify spouse income & amount paid
Do you wish to claim the baby bonus?

Do you wish to claim the zone or overseas forces offset

Do you wish to claim any other offsets?
Any other information that may help
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