Cashflow Manager

Cashflow Manager is the simple cash GST bookkeeping solution for non-accountants. Simply record your receipts and payments transactions in columns. You don't need to know anything about accounting, and everything is right there on the screen for you to review. Each column has a 'GST' type that automatically calculates the GST and makes your BAS Statement a breeze. money back guarantee so there is no risk in giving it a try.

Wages Manager

Your wages, PAYG tax withholding and superannuation obligations are so simple with Wages Manager. It is uniquely designed to protect employers by automating as much of the payroll function as possible in accordance with the Tax Laws and Tax Office rulings.

Cashflow Manager Gold

Cashflow Manager Gold manages your business cash flow, prepares invoices for both sales and purchases, tracks your debtors, creditors and inventory, and manages your employee wages and superannuation through the one amazingly simple package.
Following Cashflow Manager's strict 'simplest on the planet' goal, Cashflow Manager GOLD helps you to keep excellent records without having to know anything about accounting

Rent Manager

Rent Manager enables you to keep excellent records for your investment properties.

Cashflow Manager Manual System

If you don't wish to use a computer, but want excellent books that keep your accountants bill down, then the Cashflow Manager manual edition is for you.

Farm Manager Manual System

If you are a farmer who doesn't wish to use a computer to keep excellent books then the Cashflow Manager (Farm) manual edition is for you.
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